LOV Media is a custom platform built to power publishers and businesses.

Our technology and CMS will transform the way you work.

Built for Publishers

Today’s market is fiercely competitive. Information is being consumed at tremendous rates. Being pretty isn’t enough. Publishing great content alone won’t cut it. Technology is needed to run a successful media company. LOV Media is a proprietary publishing platform built to power blogs, magazines and content sites through intuitive tools like our custom CMS and fully integrated CRM.

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Built for Businesses & Professionals

Get the most from your website. Pretty websites are easy to come by these days but we build-in the technology you need to take your business to the next level - helping you sell, connect, make more bookings and be more efficient. Our websites combine custom design with the technology and tools you need to take your business to the next level.

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Truly & Madly came to us looking to add power and tools she simply couldn't get from her current Wordpress site.

Website Transformation

Find out how to turn your directory into a successful part of your blog or website that makes you money and drives traffic.

Vendor Directories, Grow Traffic, Engagement

We all know website design and structure is important but its impact is far more reaching than most business owners realize.