Packages tailor-made for everyone from the new-blogger to the favourite magazine.



+ $400/Setup

If you're launching a new blog or are restyling a blog that is 0-3 years old, this package will give you everything you need to take your blog to the next level.

We'll help you build a gorgeous site with all the features you need to manage your content and growth.

First 2 Months Free!
1 x 45 Minute Screenshare Conversation
Image Gallery
Responsive Layout
Website Editor
Website Metrics
SSL Security Included
Emails with Google or Outlook *
Bandwidth 100gb/m
Diskspace 5gb
Email Support
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+ $500/Setup

If you want a knock-out website filled with great features, but don't need to build everything from scratch then this package is perfect for you.

We'll help customize one of our templates for your brand and make your life easier with a jam-packed list of features that operate through one single system.

All features from the Simple Package (including the 2 months free!)
2 x 45 Minute Screenshare Conversations
Bandwidth 500gb/m
Diskspace 10gb
Email Support
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+ $750/Setup

You've worked hard to develop your brand and truly want to stand-out from the crowd. Plus, you need the tools that will help maximize your workflow and keep everything running smoothly.

We'll collaborate to build a custom website with a list of features that will make you sing.

All features from the Simple & Pro Packages (including the 2 months free!)
4 x 45 Minute Screenshare Conversations
Magazine Sales
Event Ticket Sales
Directory Invites/Updates
Automated Payments & Invoices
Advanced SEO
Advanced Reports
Bandwidth 1tb/m
Diskspace 20gb
Phone Support
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If you're looking for larger solution or run multiple large websites, get in touch with us today.

We offer custom solutions for enterprise level clients.

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How long are contracts?

All our packages are month to month. No terms. We make it simiple to start and stop at any time.

Can I Switch Plans?

Yes! At any time within our website manager, the CMS, you can change plans.

Do I need another web host?

No. All of our packages include our fully-managed cloud hosting, which resides on 100% up-time infrastructure.

Can I Download my website or the CMS?

You can export your website "content" - the images, blog posts, and other content. However, our platform is not downloadable.

Do you offer Email Accounts?

We recommend that you use a professional email service like G-Suite or to power your emails.

How Do You Process Payments?

If you have a shop or automated payments, we use Visit Stripe for payment processing rates for your country.

What About MailChip or other Third-party widgets?

Most modern widgets are built to work on any platform (SquareSpace, Shopify, WordPress, etc), and because of this, they will work fine on ours. You can also export any data you need to use within MailChip or another third-party tool.

Why Is There A Setup Fee?

A properly designed publisher website has a lot of moving parts to setup correctly and ensure it works properly for you. Including all of your Pages, Target Locations, Attributes, Categories for Blog Post, Categories for Profiles, Database and many more. Along with all of the set-up, the pro and elite packages include design and customization time for your brand.

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